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Ought to I Repair and Flip, Hire, or Airbnb This Home?

  In this video, I am showing you a house that I was initially thinking about fixing and flipping, but am now leaning towards turning it into a short term Airbnb rental. This is a rental property of mine where the tenant recently moved out. Market rents are around $2,000 a month for this house....

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Exit Methods in Actual Property

On today’s podcast episode, I talk about exit strategies in real estate. I find that too many educators and real estate podcasts out there are focusing on the acquisition strategy and finding properties. While finding deals is important, I think it’s equally important to understand what to do with a property once you own it....

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Shopping for Homes on Phrases

On today’s episode, I talk about buying houses on terms. This is a follow up to our previous podcast episode, which spoke about the Novations Strategy. If you have not already listened to that episode I encourage you to do so. In today’s market, if you are doing direct to seller marketing, you are going...

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