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Turning A Rental Property Into an Airbnb Quick Time period Rental

  In this video, I am with my student Andy reviewing a rental property of mine that I will be converting into an Airbnb Short Term Rental. If you want to learn more about investing in Airbnb’s make sure you attend our upcoming Airbnb and Short Term Rental Boot Camp: Andy has 10 Airbnb...

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Buying Motivated Vendor Lists

On this podcast episode, I talk about purchasing motivated seller lists and where and how to purchase these lists or get access to them. The smartest real estate investors know that if you are marketing to motivated sellers then knowing how to get the best lists is extremely important. Motivated seller lists are broken down...

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Discovering Wholesale Offers From Motivated Sellers

  Every investor is looking for houses at a discount (wholesale deals). I define a wholesale deal as a house that can be purchased for no more than 65% of its After Repair Value or retail price. As an example, if a house is worth $200,000 retail, then a wholesale deal would be buying that...

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