Ever encounter euphemism examples that make you go… huh?

I distinctly bear in mind standing in my grandmother’s kitchen one night time after I was eight years outdated.

The adults in my prolonged household had been sitting across the kitchen desk consuming wine. Out of the blue somebody exclaimed, “That’s BS!”

I popped across the nook, eyes huge, and requested, “What’s BS?”

I watched their eyebrows carry. Waited as they scrambled for a solution. After which my aunt shortly answered, “It means child sneakers.”

All of them laughed.

And I went again to what I used to be doing, not satisfied she was telling the reality.

This will likely not have been my first expertise with euphemistic language, however it actually caught with me through the years.

As I acquired older, I started to acknowledge there’s usually a extra well mannered approach to say one thing:

Enter the euphemism.

euphemism examples

What’s Euphemism?

The parents right here at Sensible Blogger outline euphemism as a “good approach to discuss a foul factor.”

I’d develop that definition a bit and name it a well mannered expression for disagreeable truths or issues that may in any other case be thought-about taboo or have a damaging connotation.

As a author, there might be occasions {that a} well mannered euphemism is important. Different occasions, utilizing them may even enhance your writing.

Let’s have a look at another associated literary gadgets (aka literary phrases) you should utilize to construct out your writerly toolbox.


Innuendo hints on the fact with out instantly stating one thing disagreeable or inappropriate.

For instance, somebody would possibly point out they acquired “further assist” on a check reasonably than admitting they cheated.

Political Correctness

Being “PC” usually includes language stuffed with euphemistic-sounding language. However in actuality, political correctness is meant to be respectfully and instantly well mannered.

For instance, it’s politically appropriate to talk of somebody’s struggles with psychological sickness reasonably than name them “loopy.”


Idioms are sometimes cultural phrases or phrases that imaginatively convey an concept. It’s a literary system that’s not meant to be taken actually.

For instance, folks usually joke about brides and grooms getting “chilly ft” proper earlier than the marriage.


When the substituted phrase or phrase has a damaging connotation reasonably than a constructive one, you may be coping with a dysphemism.

For instance, somebody would possibly discuss with a cemetery as a “boneyard.”

Now that you’ve got that euphemism definition, let’s have a look at some widespread kinds of euphemism and the place you would possibly encounter them.

66 Examples of Euphemisms

Given our Puritanical roots right here within the US, it’s no surprise euphemisms are in all places. From bodily capabilities to faith to cash, there are many matters of us are uncomfortable discussing.

Let’s have a look at the 9 most typical euphemism classes and a number of other examples of every.

Examples of Euphemisms in On a regular basis Language

euphemism examples woman covering mouth

  1. The automotive isn’t used; it’s “licensed pre-owned.”
  2. She’s not sick; she’s “underneath the climate.”
  3. He’s not a liar; he’s “inventive with the reality.”
  4. They’re not in a sexual relationship; they’re “buddies with advantages.”
  5. Individuals don’t go to jail; it’s a “correctional facility.”
  6. He’s not poor; he’s “economically deprived.”
  7. She didn’t break up with him; she “wanted some area.”

Well-known Examples of Euphemism

  1. It wasn’t a lie; it was a “terminological inexactitude.”

Maybe we now have been responsible of some terminological inexactitudes. – Winston Churchill, to the British Home of Commons in 1906

  1. He didn’t say the f-word; he mentioned “oh, fudge.”

Solely I didn’t say “Fudge.” I mentioned THE phrase, the large one, the queen-mother of soiled phrases, the ‘F-dash-dash-dash’ phrase! – Ralphie, from the 1983 film A Christmas Story

  1. She’s not speaking about her buttocks; she’s referencing her “growth growth.”

Trigger I acquired that growth growth that every one the boys chase; All the fitting junk in all the fitting locations. – Meghan Trainor, from her track All About That Bass

  1. He didn’t interact in an extramarital affair; he “slipped his moorings.”

I can, nonetheless, attempt to transfer ahead in a fashion that’s per the values to which I subscribed earlier than slipping my moorings. – Former CIA Director David Petraeus, in apologizing for his affair

  1. He’s not making an attempt to make direct bodily contact; he desires to “get to second base.”

Me, I’m making an attempt simply to get to second base, and I’d steal it if she solely gave the signal. – Billy Joel, evaluating himself to Pete Rose within the track Zanzibar

  1. It’s not sexual activity; it’s “making whoopee.”

One other bride, one other June; One other sunny honeymoon; One other season, another excuse; For makin’ whoopee – Ella Fitzgerald, in her basic 1958 track Makin’ Whoopie

  1. Janet Jackson’s breast wasn’t uncovered; it was a “wardrobe malfunction.”

I’m sorry that anybody was offended by the wardrobe malfunction throughout the halftime efficiency of the Tremendous Bowl. It was not intentional and is regrettable. – Justin Timberlake, apologizing for his half within the unintended publicity throughout the 2004 Tremendous Bowl

Work-Associated Euphemisms

euphemism examples person losing their job

  1. You’re not fired; you’re being “let go.”
  2. He’s not unemployed; he’s “between jobs.”
  3. She didn’t get fired; she “selected to resign.”
  4. You’re not unable to discover a job; you’re simply “contemplating your choices.”
  5. She’s not in a job that’s beneath her profession stage; she’s simply “under-employed.”
  6. He wasn’t fired; his firm is “downsizing.”
  7. They didn’t resolve to stop and discover different work; they wished to “pivot” their profession.

Monetary Euphemisms

  1. He’s not low-cost; he’s “economical.”
  2. The invoice isn’t overdue; there’s an “excellent cost.”
  3. They aren’t continual over-spenders; they’re simply experiencing “life-style inflation.”
  4. It’s not a purchase order you’re making an attempt to justify; it’s an “funding.”
  5. She’s not on a price range; she’s “thrifty.”
  6. Somebody didn’t attempt to persuade them with a monetary bribe; they had been “paid off.”
  7. The corporate didn’t illegally change the knowledge of their accounting; they “cooked the books.”

Euphemisms for Demise & Dying

euphemism examples funeral

  1. He didn’t die; he “handed over to the opposite facet.”
  2. She’s not deceased; she’s the “dearly departed.”
  3. They didn’t die; they “purchased the farm.”
  4. She’s not deceased; she “kicked the bucket.”
  5. The household canine didn’t die; they went “over the rainbow bridge.”
  6. He’s not deceased; he’s “sleeping with the fishes.”
  7. They didn’t die; they “met an premature demise.”

Examples of Spiritual Euphemisms

  1. You don’t imply to take the Lord’s identify in useless; you’re merely saying “Gosh, Golly, Ye Gads, or by Jove.”
  2. It’s additionally doubtlessly blasphemous to name on Jesus Christ; you would possibly say “Gee Whiz, Cripes, Jeepers, Jiminy Cricket, or possibly even Jibbers Crabst).
  3. It’s not talking of damning somebody or one thing; it’s “Durn, Darn, Dang, or Doggone.”
  4. It’s presumably problematic to make use of the time period Lord the identical approach; you would possibly exclaim “Lordy, Lawd, or Lawdy.”
  5. It’s additionally not speaking about Christ’s wounds; it’s “Zounds.”
  6.  They’re not an Atheist; they’ve “theological ambivalence.”
  7. You wouldn’t say hell; as a substitute, you’d say “what the Sam Hill?”

Examples of Euphemism in Literature

euphemism examples books

  1. Holden Caulfield isn’t asking Stradlater if he had intercourse on a date; he’s asking if “he gave her the time.”

“What’d you do?” I mentioned. “Give her the time in Ed Banky’s goddam automotive?” – Scene from J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher within the Rye

  1. She’s not speaking about her sexual urge for food; she’s referencing her “instrument.”

In wifehood I’ll use my instrument, As freely as my Maker has it despatched. – The Spouse of Tub’s Prologue from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

  1. He’s not talking about sexual activity; he’s telling her father that his daughter is “making the beast with two backs.”

I’m one, sir, that involves let you know your daughter and the Moor are actually making the beast with two backs. – Iago in William Shakespeare’s play Othello

  1. He doesn’t need to be known as insane; he’d reasonably you discuss with him as “in a different way moraled.”

Don’t ever name me mad, Mycroft. I’m not mad. I’m simply… effectively, in a different way moraled, that’s all. – Acheron Hades in Jasper Fforde’s novel The Eyre Affair

  1. He’s not speaking about his potential dying; he desires to speak what occurs if he “passes throughout some nocturnal blackness.”

If I go throughout some nocturnal blackness, mothy and heat, When the hedgehog travels furtively over the garden… – Stanza from Thomas Hardy’s poem Afterwards

  1. The animals aren’t getting much less to eat; there merely must be a “readjustment of rations.”

It had been discovered essential to make a readjustment of rations. – Squealer, to the opposite animals in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm

  1. They didn’t have intercourse that resulted in being pregnant; he “plowed her” and he or she “cropped.”

She made nice Caesar lay his sword to mattress; He plowed her, and he or she cropped – Agrippa, talking of Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s play Antony and Cleopatra

Euphemisms for Bodily Capabilities

euphemism examples woman crying

  1. He didn’t go fuel; he “broke wind.”
  2. They don’t have a chilly; they’ve “the sniffles.”
  3. She’s not menstruating; it’s her “time of the month.”
  4. You don’t speak to your youngsters about sexual activity and being pregnant; you inform them about “the birds and the bees.”
  5. He doesn’t need to urinate; he’s going to “see a person a few horse.”
  6. They didn’t vomit; they “tossed their cookies.”
  7. She’s not crying; her “eyes are leaking.”

Different Widespread Examples of Euphemisms

  1. You’re not outdated; you’re “over the hill.”
  2. She’s not pregnant; she “has a bun within the oven.”
  3. It’s not a strip membership; it’s a “gentleman’s membership.”
  4. It’s not an annoying telemarketer calling; it’s a “courtesy name.”
  5. The merchandise isn’t stolen; it simply “fell off the again of a truck.”
  6. It’s not a tiny cramped residence; it’s “cozy.”
  7. It’s not pornography; it’s “grownup leisure.”
  8. They didn’t break up; they “consciously uncoupled.”
  9. It’s not a lie; it’s an “alternate truth.”
  10. It’s not torture; it’s “enhanced interrogation.”

This actually isn’t a complete listing of all of the quite a few euphemisms on the market, however it ought to provide you with an concept of the kinds of phrases you may work into your inventive writing (or on a regular basis speech).

Euphemism Examples for the Tactful Author

The following time you end up writing a few delicate topic, you now have one other literary system to make use of.

Your readers seemingly don’t want issues softened to the purpose of “child sneakers,” however you may nonetheless keep away from collateral harm in your approach to a compelling piece of writing.

So overlook about author’s block: Roll up your sleeves, sit your “growth growth” in your favourite writing chair, and pull out your favourite trick to get you impressed to put in writing.

You solely have one life to dwell — and many phrases to put in writing — earlier than you “meet your maker.”

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