Symbolism examples are throughout us.

Hearts imply love. Rainbows imply hope. You’re most likely so aware of these, you don’t even take into consideration them.

In literature, symbolism lets authors use one factor (like a coronary heart) to characterize a deeper that means (like love).

Usually, symbolism evokes summary concepts or feelings by utilizing one thing tangible.

Symbolism lets writers reveal a better fact or concept — or just hyperlink collectively totally different components right into a cohesive plot or theme.

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Symbolism Definition

Symbolism is a kind of literary gadget. It may be outlined as:

The usage of symbols to precise an concept or high quality, significantly an intangible one. The symbols will often be one thing seen or straightforward to visualise. Symbols will be multifaceted, representing a couple of factor, even throughout the identical work. For instance, the ocean could be a image of each life and demise.

Widespread Kinds of Symbolism in Literature

Utilizing symbols can create a robust story that uncovers common truths. Three key kinds of symbolism in literature are spiritual, romantic, and emotional symbolism.

1. Spiritual

Centuries in the past, spiritual symbolism was rife all through literature and artwork — and non secular symbolism can nonetheless be seen in trendy works. In Western literature, spiritual symbolism is mostly drawn from Christianity.

Usually, we could not consider these symbols as spiritual, however that’s their origin — such because the tolling of church bells as a warning, historically believed to drive out demons.

2. Romantic

Literature is stuffed with romantic symbolism, from traditional romances like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to trendy Mills & Boon novels. Romantic symbolism contains flowers, significantly roses (“A rose by some other identify would scent as candy” in Romeo and Juliet, as an illustration).

Different romantic symbols embody hearts, diamonds, Cupid’s arrows, and extra.

3. Emotional

Bodily symbols can be utilized to depict advanced, intangible, and even ambivalent feelings.

In Seamus Heaney’s poem, Digging, the act of digging will be seen to face for a number of issues: the connection between the generations of a household, qualities like diligence and perseverance, even the act of writing.

Examples of Symbolism

Symbolism is best to know by examples. Let’s check out how symbolism is utilized in literature, poetry, films, and even in on a regular basis life and language.

Symbolism Examples in Literature

1. Woman Macbeth’s “Out, Damned Spot” speech, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare (1606)

LADY MACBETH: Out, damned spot, out, I say. – One, two – why, then, ’tis time to do’t. – Hell is murky. – Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier, and afeard! What want we worry who is aware of it, when none can name our energy to account? But who would have thought the outdated man to have had a lot blood in him?

Woman Macbeth’s guilt is symbolized by the blood she imagines on her arms: as she sleepwalks, she’s attempting to wash them, however later tells herself, “Right here’s the scent of the blood nonetheless.” The imagined blood represents her guilt over urging her husband Macbeth to kill Duncan and take his place as king.

2. The Conch Shell in The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding (1954)

“Conch! Conch!” shouted Jack. “We don’t want the conch anymore. We all know who must say issues. What good did Simon do talking, or Invoice, or Walter? It’s time some individuals knew they’ve received to maintain quiet and go away deciding issues to the remainder of us.”

Close to the beginning of The Lord of the Flies, the marooned schoolboys use a conch shell to maintain order at their conferences. It’s a robust image of civilization and democracy. When Jack says they don’t want the conch anymore, he’s turning into a extra tyrannical chief. And when one of many boys, Piggy, is killed, the conch shell — which he was holding — is shattered “right into a thousand white fragments.”

3. Snakes within the Harry Potter collection, by J.Okay. Rowling (1997 – 2007)

“D’you need to inform me what’s incorrect with stopping an enormous snake biting off Justin’s head?” he mentioned. “What does it matter how I did it so long as Justin doesn’t have to affix the Headless Hunt?”

“It issues,” mentioned Hermione, talking ultimately in a hushed voice, “as a result of with the ability to discuss to snakes was what Salazar Slytherin was well-known for. That’s why the image of Slytherin Home is a serpent.”

Harry has simply realized that he can converse Parseltongue — a snake language. Most wizards can’t, and his buddies Ron and Hermione are alarmed by his newfound capacity, as a result of it’s related to Salazar Slytherin, the evil wizard who was one of many 4 founders of their faculty, Hogwarts.

All through the Harry Potter collection, snakes are used as an emblem for evil — drawing on spiritual imagery that goes again to the story of creation within the Bible. Voldemort’s snake Nagini, and the Basilisk, are each examples of snakes on the aspect of evil within the tales.

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4. Spring in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis (1950)

They’d been simply as stunned as Edmund after they noticed the winter vanishing and the entire wooden passing in a couple of hours or so from January to Could.

They hadn’t even identified for sure (because the Witch did) that this was what would occur when Aslan got here to Narnia. However all of them knew that it was her spells which had produced the limitless winter; and subsequently all of them knew when this magic spring started that one thing had gone incorrect, and badly incorrect, with the Witch’s schemes.

Spring is utilized in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as an indication of latest life and of hope. When spring magically arrived, in a land that’s been “all the time winter and by no means Christmas” for 100 years, it reveals that the facility of fine goes to conquer evil.

Symbolism Examples in Poetry

5. The Ruined Statue, Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley (1818)

And on the pedestal, these phrases seem:

My identify is Ozymandias, King of Kings;

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Nothing beside stays. Around the decay

Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and naked

The lone and degree sands stretch far-off.

(You’ll be able to learn the entire poem right here.)

The ruined statue of Ozymandias, which consists solely of “two huge and trunkless legs of stone”, might be seen as an emblem for hubris and the downfall of civilizations. The “lone and degree sands” present the enduring energy of nature in opposition to humankind’s works.

You might additionally learn a extra hopeful message into the poem, with the destruction of Ozymandias’s statue exhibiting that tyrannical leaders will ultimately be overthrown.

6. Two Paths, The Highway Not Taken, Robert Frost (1915)

Two roads diverged in a wooden, and I—

I took the one much less traveled by,

And that has made all of the distinction.

(You’ll be able to learn the entire poem right here.)

The “roads” on this poem aren’t merely totally different choices for a stroll — they’re an emblem of decisions to be made in life. Roads are sometimes used to characterize totally different choices for the long run. Take into consideration individuals being exhorted to remain on the “straight and slim” path, as an illustration (one other instance of non secular symbolism, from Matthew 7:14 within the Bible).

7. The Albatross, Rime of the Historical Mariner, Samuel Coleridge (1798)

‘God save thee, historic Mariner!

From the fiends, that plague thee thus!—

Why look’st thou so?’-With my cross-bow

I shot the ALBATROSS.


Ah! nicely a-day! what evil appears

Had I from young and old!

As a substitute of the cross, the Albatross

About my neck was hung.

(You’ll be able to learn the entire poem right here, with the language modernized in 1834)

Hung across the Mariner’s neck, the albatross reminds him (and everybody who sees him) of how he shot an albatross, bringing his shipmates into horrible hazard. The phrase “albatross across the neck” is now used to imply a previous misdeed that continues to hang-out somebody and maintain them again.

Symbolism Examples in Motion pictures

8. Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor, Marvel Motion pictures (2008 – 2019)

All through the Marvel films, Tony Stark’s arc reactor (which powers his fits) is used as an emblem for his coronary heart. Captain America ends the brutal struggle by slamming the sting of his defend into Iron Man’s arc reactor – breaking it, and symbolically, breaking Tony’s coronary heart.

9. Espresso Mug, Knives Out (2019)

A mug with “My Home, My Guidelines, My Espresso” is symbolic of the place the facility lies on this film. We see it at the beginning, as patriarch Harlan Thrombey drinks espresso.

By the tip of the film, after Harlan’s demise has been investigated and the reality revealed, the mug — together with the riches of Harlan’s in depth property — belongs to Martha.

10. Music, The Sound of Music (1965)

As you would possibly count on from the title alone, music is vastly necessary in The Sound of Music. Symbolically, it stands for happiness, pleasure, and even love.

Captain Von Trapp banned singing in his home after his spouse died. On this clip, the Captain performs the guitar and sings for his household for the primary time, along with his kids gathering round him.

Symbolism Examples in On a regular basis Life and Language

Colours, animals, flowers, and on a regular basis objects can all have a symbolic that means that goes far past what they actually are. In on a regular basis conversations, commercials, and on social media websites, you’ll be able to simply spot these:

  1. White — an emblem of purity. You would possibly affiliate this with brides sporting white, in case you’re within the Western world.
  2. Rings — an emblem of affection and dedication, given throughout proposals and exchanged at weddings.
  3. Roses — related to romantic love.
  4. Lambs — innocence: this can be a sort of non secular symbolism from the Bible
  5. Owls — the owl is usually related to knowledge or with training. It’s no accident that the Purdue On-line Writing Lab makes use of the acronym “OWL”.
  6. Rainbows – lengthy seen because the common image of hope (and once more, this has spiritual origins). Extra just lately, the rainbow has been prominently used as an LGBTQ image of affirmation and inclusion.
  7. Fireplace — one other advanced and even ambivalent image. Fireplace can symbolize destruction, ardour, or rebirth (as within the legend of the phoenix, reborn from flames).
  8. Rain — disappointment and melancholy but additionally purification and cleaning, even a metaphorical “washing away” of the previous.
  9. Batteries — symbolic of vitality (suppose how widespread it’s for somebody to say they should “recharge my batteries”).
  10. Handshakes — an emblem of belief, utilized in greeting but additionally to seal an settlement. Handshakes may also be an emblem of congratulations and, in some highly effective situations, to suggest peace after a struggle or perhaps a struggle.

Why is Symbolism Necessary in Writing?

Symbolism permits writers to:

  • Convey concepts subtly, slightly than hammering dwelling an ethical message.
  • Discover sophisticated feelings and ideas.
  • Create a extra memorable story (or poem).
  • Write one thing that’s open to interpretation — giving the reader room to convey their very own response to the piece.
  • Reveal a better level or common fact that goes past the scope of their work.

Associated Phrases

Symbolism is expounded to a number of different literary components, all of which use symbols in distinct methods:


An allegory makes use of symbolism all through a chunk in a sustained manner. The symbolism can contain particular characters, settings, or conditions that stand for one thing else. As an illustration, George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an allegory in regards to the Russian Revolution and its aftermath, with Manor Farm standing for Russia.


In literature, a motif is a recurring picture — one which comes up all through the work. It’s often an emblem used repeatedly, given that means not solely by its symbolic nature, but additionally by getting used as a call-back to totally different situations within the poem or story.


Metaphors evaluate one factor to one thing that’s — on the floor — fairly totally different. As an illustration, “Her face was a thundercloud” is a metaphor. The that means is spelled out right here, whereas it is perhaps extra refined in different situations of symbolism.

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Utilizing Symbolism Examples to Enrich Your Writing and Understanding

The totally different symbolism examples above present the breadth of symbolism throughout various kinds of literature and leisure, from traditional tales to modern-day films.

Symbolism is a robust software for any sort of writing (and would possibly even assist you to beat author’s block). It allows you to convey concepts in a memorable manner, utilizing concrete photographs to face for extra elusive ideas.

Return by the examples above to deepen your understanding of symbolism — and subsequent time you’re studying a ebook or watching a film, maintain an eye fixed out for widespread symbols. You would possibly spot greater than you count on.

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