Weekly Round Up for January 28, 2011

by JT McGee

This round-up is really short and sweet this week as I get into the mix of things. I’ve got a few noteworthy pages and links I’ll post below.

First, blog posts on MoneyMamba.com:
Why You Earn 90% Less than What You Think – You’re probably not being honest to yourself about your financial health.
Obama’s State of the Union Budget Cuts w/ Pie Graphs – The most popular post by a mile this week.  This thing took Twitter/Reddit by storm–Facebook, too!
Joining the Yakezie Challenge – Awww yeah!  I joined!  Already below 1 million in less than one week.  Actually, only five days, to be exact!
Money: Means to an End or Just an End? – What is your money to you?  It’s an end for me.

Secondly, I wanted to mention another part of this site most won’t see (unless they click a link the blog posts.) I have added a Glossary and Appendix page which will be used to add reference articles for blog posts. These will help provide some background information to those who are interested, but will not be seen on the main page (though they’ll be linked from individual blog posts.) The idea is pretty straightforward: Party in the front, business in the back!

Glossary and Appendix Posts I’ve Added:

What is a balance transfer?
Interest-Free Balance Transfers
Average Student Loan Debt

Itemized Deduction Delay

I’ve a few posts from around the internet I’d like to share, as well:
GetRichSlowly.org tops the list this week with a controversial post about when to walk away from a bad mortgage. I thought it was appropriate, but there was a firestorm that erupted in the comments section, hilarious!

FinancialSamurai comes in second with “Are women naturally more trustworthy than men.” I say no, but hey, read for yourself. (In reference to the article: sex sells!)

Bloomberg comes in third for reporting that Yum Brands is opening a new store every 18 hours in China. Whoda thunk Kentucky Fried Chicken would be so popular in China?

Fourth: Free Stuff
There are a million and a half different contests and drawings going on right now. Go grab them…

1. Win a Kindle from RealizedReturns.com
2. Win an iPad from BuyLikeBuffett.com. (Assorted other goodies from FrugalZeitgeist, BudgetingInTheFunStuff, and BucksomeBoomer are also included in the contest!)
3. Know a good book? Win $50 at OhCrapImBroke.com
4. $25 Amazon Gift Cert at Thousandaire.com

Ahaha, no longer the new guy. 😛
Big welcome to BackNineFinance for taking an early plunge…and he said he’d wait a week or two. Pfft!

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Bogey January 28, 2011 at 22:26

JT, thanks for the mention. You are in a similar place as I was just about 5 years ago. In college working on a finance degree.

I actually started out majoring in landscape architecture in college, but that only lasted about one semester – wanted to design golf courses. But, alas, did not have near enough of the creative skills to make a go of it.

Having a career in finance is great. Lots of people not in the industry think that people only go into finance for the money. That might be partly true.

For me, the coolest thing about working in finance, and specifically about working with people who have money, is you just never know what may happen from day to day.

Today for instance, I had a lunch scheduled with a prospect of mine that I expected to be fairly laid back. We ended up discussing lear jets for about 2 hours, and various financing strategies (he has 2). I just never know what I might get into on any given day.

Finance is great…


Crystal @ BFS February 1, 2011 at 13:10

Thanks so much for the mention! Welcome to the Yakezie!


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