Roundup: Dave Ramsey’s a Professor Edition

by JT McGee

Dave Ramsey is a professor of personal financeThanks to NoDebtMBA who shared that Dave Ramsey is soon to be a college professor. What will Dave share with the world?

Personal finance, of course!

Honestly, I think Dave Ramsey should be a professor of Chemistry. Consider the following discussion between Dave and his students:

“Hey class, what do you get when you mix Sodium and Chloride?” Dave asks his young students.

Margaret, a 4.0 student responds quickly, “table salt!”

Dave, disgruntled with the answer, yells out “Wrong! What kind of moron would play with Chlorine and Sodium? They’ll kill you dead!”

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Photo by: JD Hancock

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cashflowmantra August 12, 2011 at 14:41

Pretty funny imagining Dave Ramsey as a chemistry professor. I just had to chuckle.


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