Round Up: Winning Edition

by JT McGee

AwwwwwWinning edition, why?

Because I’m leading the 2011 stock picking competition at TheFinancialBlogger for the second quarter in a row. Up 23% through June. Pending that gold or oil (it seems like 99% of the picks were commodity producers) don’t rise, I’m winning this thing.

I totally just screwed myself. Watch…down 50% on Monday open. Anyway, to the news!

Around the World

  1. India has a Do Not Call List. Isn’t that funny coming from the land of the telemarketer?
  2. What’s it like to have 45% unemployment? Ask Gaza!
  3. Tons of people are fleeing from the US to China. Good for them. I still like my freedom.
  4. You can grab a piece of China’s largest online dating company. It went public!
  5. The Catholic Church has returned to profitability on more than $300 million in revenues. Tough business.

Internet Bubble

  1. Your mutual fund may own a part of Groupon. Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?
  2. Google launches Google+. If most people didn’t type “Facebook” into Google to get to their favorite social network, I might just think that Google+ didn’t have a chance in hell at catching up.
  3. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg is the most popular user on Google+.
  4. Zuck doesn’t look too happy in his Google+ picture.
  5. Google is trying to buy Hulu.
  6. Zynga looks forward to an IPO. May seek $1 billion in funding.
  7. Twitter co-founder leaves one unprofitable company to work on another unprofitable company. Both have billion-dollar valuations.


  1. Chrysler gets sold. No, not a Chrysler vehicle; no one would buy one of those!
  2. Once the food for recession, Campbell is cutting jobs as soup sales lag.
  3. Nintendo comes out with Wii U.
  4. Surprise! Obama lies about the auto bailout.


  1. Yes I am Cheap says CEO pay is up 23% this year. Rawr!
  2. BoomerandEcho posted about bailing out your adult children. You can’t complain, boomers. We’re just collecting our dues so that we can pay your entitlement benefits later!
  3. MoneySpruce had a great post on starting a meetup. Also, why he pledges to never pitch his readers credit cards.
  4. FinancialUproar hits a homerun with If You Like Camping I Hate You.
  5. Thanks to Frugal Confessions’ collection of beater cars I now confuse my piece of junk with a Maserati. Wow. That page redefines beater.
  6. Money in the 20s had another great post in the MBA series: picking a target school.
  7. Darwin’s Money asks, “Are you better off than your parents?” 30+ years better off! Haha.
  8. I can’t help you budget if you can’t help yourself from Elle at CoupleMoney. You tell ’em!
  9. Money Talks Coaching wants you to know that you should never say “I can’t afford it!.
  10. Financially Consumed posted about 4 thrifty ways to hire a lawyer. I’m really just shocked there is at least 1 way.
  11. So Over Debt posted a Cigotine review. If nothing else, read the comments. I LOL’d at her response to one commenter.
  12. FYSA has a great post on how college students can build credit. All college students should be doing this.

Off Topic & Random

  1. Does your relationship suck? You might just live too far away!
  2. Did you know it costs only $18,000 (per song) to outsource the next radio hit? Yup! That’s it.
  3. Did you know about the FICO 8 model? And you thought there was the one and only FICO score!

On this blog

Since the last round up I posted about:

  1. The social media bubble of 2011
  2. How Papa Murphy’s uses take n bake to make big money.
  3. The 12 types of passive investors
  4. A rant on mortgage math
  5. Why Harvard is projecting big gains in US manufacturing
  6. The mechanics of an all cash housing market
  7. Six reasons I don’t like dividends.
  8. A new entrepreneurial leap of faith.
  9. Why credit card vs. cash comparisons are bunk.
  10. The emerging solar lease business model.
  11. About my own stock portfolio
  12. Whole life insurance isn’t for college students
  13. The importance of capital structure in personal and business balance sheets.
  14. Ben Bernanke is in my mailbox and I’m borrowing all his money.

Traffic stats

“Meh” would be a great word to describe June.

All traffic sources sent a total of 2,725 visits

  • 16.99% Direct Traffic
  • 49.58% Referring Sites
  • 30.20% Search Engines

I’ve gotten lazy in the search engine department. Still happy with overall growth, though, realistically, each new visitor only costs me money as this website makes…$0. However, in terms of fun, I get at least $1,000 out of it.

Photo by: MythicSeabass

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Ashley @ Money Talks July 8, 2011 at 10:42

Thanks for the mention!!


Amanda L Grossman July 8, 2011 at 12:48

Hahahahaha! Thanks for linking to my beater page:).


JT McGee July 9, 2011 at 07:50

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. That page is gold!


Dave @ Money In The 20s July 8, 2011 at 15:14

Well, you did a lot better with this stock pick than you did in my stock pick challenge! haha

Thanks for including my post about MBA programs!


JT McGee July 9, 2011 at 07:50

Yeah, no joke. Moral of the story is to never believe Yahoo Finance, and never, ever, pick a stock you wouldn’t own. Oh well, I still think there’s a recovery play in that stock, just not confident enough to place my own money in CYDE.


Hunter July 8, 2011 at 16:09

Thanks JT! Cheap lawyers, it is shocking. Ha!


Echo July 8, 2011 at 16:49

Thanks for the mention JT, and nice job with the stock picking contest!

As for your traffic stats, try writing about Canadian topics, we have much less competition up here. Easier to get to the front of, just substitute Tim Horton’s for Papa Murphy’s 😉


JT McGee July 9, 2011 at 07:49

Always good for a laugh, Echo. 😉

I’ll start by spelling “about” as it’s said–you know, “aboot?”


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