Round Up: Win $500 Edition

by JT McGee

This space was going to be filled with a massive rant on a US war with Iran. Then, at 800 words, I decided that’s too long for a round-up and thus promptly deleted it scheduled it for Monday.

Win $500

Those disinterested in my politics will be happy to know that I’ll buy you off. Actually, I’ll refer you to TheFinancialBlogger who is giving away $500.

Go enter. I think the odds are pretty good and, shoot, it’s free money!

Round Up

  • Andrea at SoOverDebt posted about SMART Goals, but not in the way that everyone else does. Nope! The article is properly titled “Not Your Mama’s SMART Goals,” which I believe she stole from Yo Mama that appears occasionally on this blog. Just kidding.
  • Jeffrey at MoneySpruce continues to refine his plan and goal to quit his job. It’s fun to follow along and dream of quitting my job, too.
  • The new “PK” from DQYDJ posted about Rick Santorum as a Tea Party candidate. The Tea Party just wants their political team to win. The Tea Party has nothing to do with economics nor budget deficits and everything to do with the supposedly conservative Evangelical wing of the Republican party. By the way, Rick Santorum was named as one of the most corrupt politicians in 2006 by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
  • Would You Pay for an MBA with Your Own Money?” asks Darwin. The comments are enlightening as to the thought process behind going back to school – age, school rank, etc. seem to be repeated concerns.
  • Boomer and Echo hit it home by publishing Forest Park’s (FrugalZeitgeist) post about how you shouldn’t donate if you’re in debt. I totally agree, and wish this viewpoint were more popular.

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PK January 8, 2012 at 11:51

*current Tea Party candidate. I don’t think his support is solid, but I suppose I didn’t make that point in my article, haha. Also, no reason you can’t rant in a roundup! I did something like 600 words on SOPA, and I’m not ruling out doing it again…

Happy I finally did something about my pseudonym? Haha… I probably have 50 comments still pending due to spam filters.


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