Round Up: The B-School Rocks Out

by JT McGee

This semester I’m taking a super difficult easy schedule to complete the remainder of my pre-requisites. We’re talking geology, film, and basic health complete with a couple other classes that just might challenge the noggin’.

Did I have to take them in this order? Nope. But I really want to clean out the right side of my class list, which is all pre-requisites.

Luckily, after this semester, it’s 21-24 hours of pure beauty – finance and accounting – in the spring. It’s a heavy class load, but oh so doable given that I’ll actually like the material.

Then I’ll smash a few more finance classes in the summer. Maybe a couple in the fall (who knows?) then I’ll no longer be a college student. If I do stretch out my graduation date to Fall 2013, I’ll probably start on my CFA.

It’s bittersweet.

The Reality of College

Here’s the truth: kids in the business school have more fun. It’s true. See, all the engineering and health care students like to give the business school a hard time. We’re light on math, heavy on partying. It’s how the business school works.

Take a look at the most in-demand majors and you find engineers followed by accounting and finance graduates. In terms of academic rigor to salary, finance has to be one of the best. Engineering is freaking hard, and it leaves no time for fun. Medical majors are expensive, take forever, and are academically rigorous. Accounting is remarkably boring, the CPA is difficult to complete, but it’s steady. (NACE puts accounting and finance above engineers, but that seems to be an outlier of a statistic. I’d hire an engineer over a finance major for 99.9% of work.)

Finance is the bee’s knees. The perfect blend of fun and academics with good pay to boot. Finance for life! (OPM, or something like that.)

Interesting Reads

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here goes nothing:

I wrote a ton of posts at a few different blogs since the last time I did a round up.

Here are the links to my author profiles at these blogs:

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I’ll also be starting a short dividend investing series with Corey at 20sFinances soon enough. Too much to say, and not enough blogs to do it on. 😉


I should be back on my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday (roundup) schedule. School’s back in, people are finally back to work after summer vacations, the apartment pools I’ve been poolhopping are closing, and I’m back on my ADD meds. That’s a good combination for getting things done.

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PK September 1, 2012 at 13:01

An engineer is having a hard time keeping up with his grades – he always was getting As in High School, but as an Engineer he could barely get Cs. He made the decision to drop Engineering and go to Business School. The average GPA at both schools went up!


American Debt Project September 2, 2012 at 20:31

Car Wash is an excellent BILO! California seems better for it though than you Midwesterners/East Coasters with real winters. Or maybe it’s a seasonal of both worlds!


A Blinkin September 4, 2012 at 18:46

You’ve been blowing up other sites. Your name is everywhere. Geology should prepare you well for the CFA.


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