Round Up: Strange Life Goals Edition

by JT McGee

Everyone has that one goal. One thing you’d love to do before you die, even if it isn’t all that realistic, or all that practical.

My strange life goal?

Become Monopoly world champion. Yes, the board game. I’ve talked about it before.

Monopoly is one of the most misunderstood games out there. People vie for Boardwalk and Park Place, even though their EVs are abysmal. The goldmine is in the reds and oranges. The light blues are cash flow kings, though – low initial investment, high returns on capital. Plus, the investment is less rigid at $50/house vs. up to $400 for Boardwalk/Park Place.

Boy oh boy do I like monopoly. Fun fact: I’ve been really close to going to the U.S. championship. McDonald’s annual Monopoly game reminded me of how much I love this game. Unfortunately, only a few of my friends love it like I do.

It’s all about statistics, risk, probability, and financing. It’s the sport of champions!

Good reads

Here’s some select financial articles from around the net:

  • Should you major in photography? – PK knocks the ball out of the park with this article.
  • Insurance companies discriminate – This has been all over the net as people rage about auto insurance quotes. Yes, insurers discriminate because how else would they adjust for risk? All else being equal, a low-income person will file a claim whereas a high-income person will not.
  • Time to kill the penny? – Nelson covers at 101C, posting about whether or not the penny has seen better days. Frankly, my opinion is mixed. Yes, it costs more than 1 US cent to make a US cent, but a penny is taxed thousands of times over its lifetime, so the upfront cost isn’t that important. You decide.
  • Private equity takes on pot – Where there’s money to be made, there’s a few bankers not too far away. Oh, marijuana, the solution to everything, if you ask a hippie.
  • Booming business in foreclosures – Rentals are picking up as investors snap up distressed properties.
  • Facebook is killing it in mobile ads – Yeah they are. Now you know why Facebook sends out so many annoying push notifications to get you to use the app. FB’s earnings beat is a direct result of the endless daily push notifications.

Life update

New signs of old age: Gray hair count well above 100, and it’s becoming more evenly distributed. NOOOOO.

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