Round Up: Light at the End of the Tunnel Edition

by JT McGee

The last few years have been a whirlwind. College is a hell of an experience; it’s fun, occasionally interesting, and just…well, different.

By the end of this next week I’ll have all my stuff together. I’ll have every single prerequisite and other nonsense done.

I’ll be able to study finance!

Too many years after starting my degree, the college gods will finally allow me to study what I’ve wanted to study since I left high school. I’ll be able to take a finance class.

F%^$ing finally. Finally.

I’m not a very good chemist, or geologist. Psychology isn’t up my alley. I love history, but…meh, it’s still just history.

I’m totally stoked to be able to study finance, though – it’s a topic I’m actually passionate about, one that I’ve been self-studying for more than half my life.

I’m in a good mood today. There’s light at the end of this long, long, long tunnel.

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