Round Up: I’m a Fool Edition

by JT McGee

I’m a Fool.

I started playing the CAPS game on, the site for investing service the Motley Fool. Earlier this week, while I was checking up on my portfolio, I saw an article in a stock feed titled, “Four Star Stocks Poised to Pop.”

I read it…and then I realized I wrote it. Err, I wrote part of it. The Motley Fool includes excerpts from member’s analysis of individual stocks, and JTMcGee was one of those members. Made me LOL.

Actually, Fool is pretty cool. Other than the fact the scoring system bugs me (it’s not time-weighted, so moving up means keeping an account open for a long time), it’s fun as hell. Obviously the game system encourages rating as many securities as you can, so you’ll find quickly that you rate things you wouldn’t ever buy. But that’s all part of the adventure! It would be too easy if they didn’t encourage tons of positions.

Most of my picks were 5 year plus picks, but some were short, like one- or three-month plays on volatility ETFs, etc. I’m just going to leave my account mostly as-is and see where it goes.

Good Reads

Some cool articles around the interwebs this week (or last week):

  • Financial Uproar knocks it out of the park with a post titled “Possibly the worst way to save money.” But I didn’t dig it for the title, nope, I dug it for this chunk of wisdom:


    “Works for me” has become the personal finance excuse to use when somebody uses numbers to dispute whatever idea you have. Don’t bother to actually respond to legitimate criticisms that people have. Nothing else matters, because you’ve figured out something that works for you.


  • J.D. at GetRichSlowly shared a very interesting story about social capital. I check in over at GRS once in a blue moon, but I’m glad this post was up when I did. Great stuff.
  • Thousandaire explains his own definition of rich. I define rich at $3 million liquid or $10 million net worth. All else is wealthy, but still not FU money.
  • Darwin says you’re likely to be a temporary worker in the future. Unfortunately, I absolutely agree with his analysis of offshoring and outsourcing trends. Welcome to the mysterious (and oh so loved) “cloud workforce.”
  • Ashley shares her hate of school fundraisers. I can’t stand the stupid things myself. And $5 to announce a birthday is lame. It’s hilarious, but still lame.
  • Crystal updated her readers on her mortgage refinance. Chase apparently applies pre-payments to the next month’s payment, which is worse than school fundraiser lame. I really think they’re just trying to tell her to keep the debt because rates are soooooo low. Goals are goals, though. If you want to pay off your home, you should be able to.
  • Sustainable Personal Finance continues to educate Canadian and American consumers about the benefits of shopping internationally in a post titled “Cross Border Shopping.” Last year, the SPF’s bought a Subaru over the border, saving them big money. There’s a post about importing a car to Canada that, even to an American, definitely interested me.

Platypus Awards

Because I mentally stumble over the word “Plutus” every time I read it—and I’ve read about it a lot this week—I have henceforth renamed it to Platypus. The Plutus Awards are an award given to PF bloggers by PF bloggers and PF blog readers.

I submitted my votes, and so should you. I’m fairly sure all of the bloggers above are in the running for at least one category. Here’s a link: Platypus Awards

Given the sheer number of people in the running for this award, I highly recommend you shop your vote around to the highest bidder. Might make a few bucks for your time.

On This Blog

Four posts in the last two weeks:

Photos by: Alexandre Berbe,Joe Shlabotnik (Wonder if he’s related to Dr. Robotnik).

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Sustainable PF September 9, 2011 at 08:52

Thanks for including our articles JT. “Poor cousins to the north” might be a good description for the consumer rip off we get here.


Ashley @ Money Talks September 9, 2011 at 11:11

Thanks for the mention!!! And congrats on being a fool!! Very cool. You’re a cool fool.


Funancials September 11, 2011 at 16:27

Where did Plutus come from anyhow?


JT McGee September 11, 2011 at 16:38

The Greek god of wealth!


Barb Friedberg September 11, 2011 at 17:50

Haven’t visited the motley fool in awhile….interesting game. I’m usually leery of stock market competitions because I think of long term in terms of years and think market timing and short term picks are fraught with excess risk.


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