Round Up: First Year of Finance Edition

by JT McGee

So I’m in my last year at college, which is strange to say.

After tolerating the boondoggle that is prerequisites in undergrad, I’m finally taking finance classes. It’s all finance from here on out – 30 hours of good ol’ stuff like international finance and principles of good investments.

Intro to corporate finance has been a blast. I never thought I’d learn to love school. I always had a love-hate relationship with it. Finance homework, though? Awesome! P.S. My professor basically admitted that finance professors make six-figures. Talk about a dream job. Pretty cushy, no?

The scariest part is knowing that undergrad probably won’t be the end of school. A bachelors degree is the new high school diploma. MBA? Probably. Hey – Columbia, let’s be friends? 😉 Let me cushion my GPA a little bit.

Round Up

Here are some of the articles that caught my eye recently:

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