Round Up: #DNC2012 Edition

by JT McGee

Politically, I consider myself a “who gives a what, let’s talk about stuff that matters.” Therefore, gay marriage, drugs, abortion, whatever, do not really matter to me. I see those as issues intended to conquer and divide – issues that are “issues” only because roughly 50% of people support or do not support them.

We have economic and budget issues. When I personally have budget issues, the last thing I do to solve them is sit around discussing philosophical issues when we need to face the practical issues – not having any money.

Tax Credit LOLZ

Obama’s speech last night was incredible. He is an amazing orator, and he’s phenomenal at making lies sound like truth. (Republicans are just as good as lying, but they lack in the convincing department.)

Last night, Obama stated that he would never make the middle class give up their mortgage interest tax deduction to pay for tax cuts for the rich. HAHAHAHAHA. The mortgage interest tax deduction is a tax cut for the rich! Anyone who pays their taxes (apparently no one in the audience, given the overwhelming support) knows this is true.

Articles This Week

  1. Nelson, despite having the humor of a 15 year old, is actually very wealthy. He’s on track to retire by 30 if he really wanted to. (Note: he’s single, doesn’t have kids, and didn’t go to college.)
  2. PK says to stop buying dividend stocks. And I totally agree. Well, maybe. Read how taxes might affect dividends.
  3. American Debt Project has a very practical post on expenses to expect after buying your first home.
  4. Andrea ran a guest post which says you can save money by shopping at mall kiosks. I thought this was insane, until I realized that maybe it has a bit of truth to it.
  5. Boomer & Echo (voted as best Canadian finance blog of 2012) ran a post on how to find stocks with a stock screener. I love their attention to stocks trading under NCAV. Maybe I can turn Echo into a Graham-style net-net investor with a little nudging!

Stuff I wrote

How not to get screwed by car insurance at Darwin’s Money.

Palladium ETF shares a link to automakers. See why I don’t like palladium as an investment play.

Netflix: A Lesson in Competition at The College Investor. Seriously, Netflix is a great product, but terrible investment.

Financial Shenanigans book review at Investor Junkie. Great book for people who love accounting!

Different approaches to investing – kicking off a short series at 20sFinances.

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PK September 7, 2012 at 10:09

Got to love that mortgage interest deduction baby!

Wonder why Zuck and Ellison have mortgages?


Dominique Brown September 8, 2012 at 08:31

I swear you and PK always have the best round ups. I usually lurk and read your blog, but refrain from commenting. However, I wanted you to know that I thank you for writing this round up. Now.. let me scurry from your page before you take this to your head.


Echo September 8, 2012 at 22:07

Thanks for the shout-out, JT!

These social issues definitely don’t deserve the time and coverage they get when there are real problems to solve (economy, health care).


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