Round Up: Dangerous Heights and Stock Analysts Stunt’n on my Game Edition

by JT McGee

First, check out this guy who climbed a 2000′ vertical summit without any ropes/whatever. Yes, this dude is a 26-year old rock climber who has no fears. I have to hand it to him, climbing the north face at Yosemite without any safety gear is pretty awesome.

Check out a 60 Minutes production on him here.

Stuff Worth Reading

Written Elsewhere

I wrote a few articles elsewhere on the internet:

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  2. A post on the Shiller CAPE ETN.
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  4. What are covered calls?
  5. Warren Buffett’s Investing Strategy

BMO on My Case

A BMO analyst downgraded Darling International, revising his fair value estimate down to $18 per share from $21. That sent the stock tumbling 7% in a single day, crushing my hopes and dreams at coming close in the stock market competition. Luckily, I had sold at $18 two weeks earlier, my own price target.

I’m taking responsibility for his revision. Glad to know that the analyst is a Money Mamba reader! (I kid.) I just wish he had waited until January 1 for that downgrade so that Darling could hang high long enough for the end of the competition. Oh well, such is life in the fun world of small cap investing. If I didn’t care so much about bragging rights, I’d be happy that I might just get a re-entry if Darling falls back to $13 per share.

FWIW, my earnings estimates for Darling are higher than his next year. Unfortunately, CFOs play with earnings smoothing to just barely meet or exceed real analyst estimates, not mine.

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PK October 22, 2012 at 23:55

Ahh, earnings smoothing – sort of like Seasonal Adjustments. Where’s Jack Welch to complain AND explain how to do it?


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