May Round Up

by JT McGee

I used to do round ups once a week, but then I found that posting only twice a week with one roundup was a little silly. So now I’m cutting back, and only going to do it once a month. So here we go with May’s round up:

Important Economic News

  1. Companies are buying advertising into the future – WSJ ran a great piece on TV advertising, and how companies are buying ads into the future. Advertising is a big economic indicator for me because it allows me to co-opt the economic models/forecasts that the mega-conglomerates spend hundreds of millions of dollars on. If they’re buying in advance, that’s a good sign. They did it over the holidays, and 4Q consumer spending was pretty strong. I like it.

  2. Greece is going mad – Yields on Greece debt are in the low-20%’s annually. Greece has some serious problems in that it does not control the printing presses for the Euro. Multi-national currencies are a bad idea, in my opinion.

  3. Employment numbers – Go read the last two posts on Calculated Risk Blog about unemployment numbers. Great data, and an exceptional economic blog, to say the least.

In the Blogosphere

  • Crystal has a great post about her personal story in refinancing a mortgage. With today’s low rates, you’d have to be drunk to want to pass up refinancing a home. I had a post on mortgage rates, too, which you can check out here: Screw the Emergency Fund, Buy a Home.

  • Bogey had a cool post on knowing when to cut your losses. BackNineFinance in general has great real estate investing content, and I hope he keeps posting about the various deals he’s done. Really cool.

  • Dave’s blog at Moneyinthe20s is great. He had two posts that were on my radar about getting an MBA. First, a post on applying for an MBA, and second a post on preparing for the GMAT.

  • Car leases tend to generate a lot of PF controversy, but Kevin at Thousandaire did a great job explaining the ins and outs of a lease, and how leasing a car is a great way to pass financial risk onto a car dealer inexpensively.

  • Andrea from SoOverDebt put up a “Dear 18 year old me” post in a letter to her younger self. She’s a social worker, and dang social work is a tough career—the pay, as Andrea admits, isn’t all that great. Plus, most places want a master’s degree ($$$$) and you have to deal with other people’s problems. I couldn’t do that…props to people who can.

  • Sam at FinancialSamurai created a lively debate on a post about whether or not you should invest in CDs. I tend to agree with his assertion that staying liquid is integral to growing wealth, even though it’s not a very popular opinion. The way I see it is that liquidity means you never have to pass up an opportunity because you’re fully committed elsewhere. I doubt there were too many unhappy, but liquid, people in 2009 when companies were selling for dirt cheap in the equity markets.

  • Ashley had a cool, personal post about her experiences teaching kids how to save. One interesting tidbit: the class decided that an internet connection was a luxury! Ha, that’d be the last thing I ever get rid of. Love me some internet access 😉

MoneyMamba was included in two blog carnivals, the Totally Money Blog Carnival hosted by Money Beagle, and the Yakezie Carnival hosted by Money Talks Coaching.

I’ll be editing this section to add more as I go along…You wouldn’t believe how many times I edit posts throughout the day.

How’s MoneyMamba doing?

Oh, so nice of you to ask. 😛 Including social media traffic, 2,143 awesome people visited this blog in April.

Search Engines: 1067.00
Referring Sites: 910.00
Direct Traffic: 166.00

Referring sites can be discounted by 320 to account for social media traffic, other big referrers were Twitter, and Yahoo Finance.

My excitement about crossing the 200,000 level on Alexa has worn off. Unfortunately, the 193k (or whatever it was) rank didn’t hold, and I’m back at 207,000. Oh well, I’ll get there. I think I still have two more months to complete the challenge.

I’ll be posting these monthly from now on. Look for it on the first Friday of every month. It should be a staple just like the non-farm payroll report. 😛

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Ashley @ Money Talks May 6, 2011 at 16:25

Thanks for the mention! And it’s even more special since it’s only once a month. 🙂


JT McGee May 7, 2011 at 22:45

Sure thing. Actually, I think I owe you a link for a blog carnival. I’ll add it tomorrow. 🙂


Invest It Wisely May 6, 2011 at 16:40

Sometimes I only have one post in the week and I still have my roundups… a bit silly but I like it. 😉

What do you think about MMT (since you mentioned Greece and the Euro)?


JT McGee May 7, 2011 at 22:47

I’m not big on fixed-income ETFs. I’m a control freak when it comes to my money, and throwing investment dollars into an ETF that can buy whatever it wants around the world doesn’t give me the comfort nor control I want in an investment.

On Monday, I’ll be highlighting an insurance company that provides high-yields internally and via dividends without taking on excessive risk. Look for it then. 😉


Dave @ Money In The 20s May 7, 2011 at 06:52

Thanks for including my posts. Your search engine traffic is awesome (which I expected it would be)!


JT McGee May 7, 2011 at 22:48

Those were some ballin’ posts! I had to include them. Search engine traffic is shocking me, too, but I’m happy it’s coming in. Hopefully the growth rate continues so that by January 2012 I should be at 1000 visitors per day. Wouldn’t that be crazy?


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