March 4, 2011 Round Up – End of February Edition

by JT McGee

It was a great week in blogging, as every week has been. I was able to put together three posts this week which were:

Today I Solve Student Debt Forever – This has been a popular topic on my blog mostly because I see it as one of the largest problems that is so simple to fix. How do we do it? I don’t know, let’s start by making students aware of how much they owe. That’s a good place to begin. 😛

Economics of Nerdy Retailers – I had fun with this one. Border’s is going under, but it’s just one of many different companies that sells to the same nerdy demographic. There’s a reason why brick and mortar “nerd retail” is dying, and no, it isn’t the economy. Err, maybe it is in a roundabout way.

Solving the Looming Retirement Crisis: A Tax Proposal – My proposal for lowering taxes, creating jobs, improving the American savings rate, and spreading the gift of a 401k to most anyone, all at a cost of less than a third of the stimulus package.

round up

From last week were three other posts:

Rethinking Teach a Man to Fish – Being able to fish alone isn’t good enough if you’ve no plan to store your fish.

Amazon’s Strategy to Undermine Netflix‘s Streaming Business Model – Amazon tapped into the media streaming model with an impressive marketing strategy: quietly build free student Prime accounts then announce a new streaming solution, hitting Netflix below the belt.

The Federal Reserve’s Dual Mandate, Oil, and 2011 Capital Flows – The title says it all. This post was an exploration into how the Fed’s dual mandate to promote price stability and employment means that the Fed will inevitably be the last central bank to tighten. Employment isn’t expected to recover to a point at which the dual mandate would allow tightening until 4Q 2011, maybe 2012.

Going Forward

I think I’ll start off next week with a post on my favorite board game—Monopoly!

MoneyMamba was included in two different blog carnivals: Tax Carnival #82: The Tax Awards @ Don’t Mess with Taxes which is probably my favorite blog name ever.
Then the Totally Money Blog Carnival @ Wealth Informatics which was tax themed, too.

Oh, actually, I’m up to host the Totally Money Blog Carnival in a couple weeks. 😀

From around the Web in No Particular Order:

#1 – Know net present value, it’ll make you a lot of money. Practical math. Yum.

#2 – Could you walk away from $6.2 million? I’m not into basketball, but I like money, and $6.2 million sounds like a lot of money that I don’t have.

#3 – I live in a place where it’s still illegal to buy beer on a Sunday, so imagine my surprise when I learned that coupons for beer exist. How cool is that? Cool. Too bad Mike had to have a bad customer service experience for me to be cultured on out-of-state coupons. 😛

#4 – Does the prospect of being wealthy scare you? I say screw haters, get money. Seriously though, this class warfare stuff is old already. When I see studies that see XX% of people want to tax the rich, all that says to me is “XX% of people want to spend other people’s money.” Okay, maybe that’s a little off from the article, buy anyone can be rich. It’s a matter of time and willingness.

#5 – E-books suck – High five! There’s a certain webmaster forum out there where everyone with a half-baked idea goes to sell their new thought at a special price of only $27. I get so tired of e-books.

#6 Late addition  – Chris left a comment on another post, and after checking out his site Dealerity I knew I had to add this in.   He just completed his own challenge of living on less than $1,000.  Was he successful?  Go find out!

Serious News

Google finally laid the smackdown on content farms. Sites with adsense were the worst affected, and I don’t blame Google for making the move to clean up the blogosphere and the internet at large. Besides, my established sites earned several new positions. Keep doing your thing, Google; the people working on quality sites enjoy this massive garbage collection. Here’s a list of sites that got the smackdown. Chances are you’ve seen a few and thought, “this site sucks!” Yeah, but they’re mostly removed now 🙂 Love ya, Google.

ADP report looks great. I’m writing this on Thursday (yesterday) so NFP is tomorrow. Hopefully NFP is up, too.

Stats n’ Stuff

Social media traffic down, but that’s cool as I didn’t really make any big push. Search is up as a percentage of traffic and referral sources continue their 2nd place position every week. I’m happy.

My Alexa rank moved up, err…down, depending on how you look at it to 436,000. The one-month rank rests at 245,000, but I’m sure this should only further decline after hosting a few blog carnivals and stepping up promotion. Some love from the big G would help too. 😛

Anyway, that’s it for this week. According to the blogging schedule the next post is slated for Monday, March 7.

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