Make it summer all year round with the Affordable Warmth Scheme

by JT McGee

According to, it now costs the average household in the UK around £1,334 a year in energy bills. Broken down, that is a whopping £111 per month going directly on energy bills, a substantial amount of which will be spent on heating the home. Frustrating, when you bear in mind that heating is a luxury that we really can’t afford to be without.

No need to sit in the cold

Yet many people are. Every year vulnerable people in the UK do everything possible to keep the heating off, from wearing extra layers, to sitting in the cold. What’s more frustrating is that some are taking these actions when there are far better alternatives, such as the Affordable Warmth scheme.

Approved suppliers, such as Help-Link, are now in a position to offer a variety of solutions to the most vulnerable, ranging from loft insulation to a new boiler, all free of charge, depending on your circumstances.

The entire process is very straightforward and you could find out what can be done to help you in a few simple steps. Simply see if your circumstances fit the criteria, and if they do, all that remains is to fill in a few details. You will then be contacted by someone who will pay a visit to the property before advising on what, if any, improvements can be made.

Do the math

According to the government, fuel poverty occurs when a household is spending more than 10% of its income on fuel to heat a home. If this is you and you meet the criteria, it could be that there is help out there that you could be receiving that you are currently not taking advantage of.

Check the list beneath to see if you can apply:

• Income support
• You receive working tax credits and your income is £15,860 a year or less.
• You receive child tax credit and your income is £15,860 a year or less.
• Income based job seekers allowance
• Pension credits
• Support allowance or income related employment.

What help will I receive?

The help that you will receive will depend on your needs. It could be that you need a new boiler. Newer models tend to be far more energy efficient than their older counterparts, as they recycle the gas. By fitting a new boiler you could be saving a considerable amount on your heating bills. Newer models are also more eco-friendly, as they have lower CO2 emissions.

Another area where you can get help is insulation. A staggering amount of money is wasted in homes through bad insulation. If your walls or loft are badly insulated, you could be entitled to solid wall insulation, loft insulation and or free cavity wall insulation.

It’s important to remember that it isn’t an either/or deal. Households that qualify don’t have to pick just one improvement, as the entitlement is based upon need. If a home only needs loft insulation, that is all they will get, if they need everything, they will get everything.

What if I don’t own my house?

The Affordable Warmth scheme isn’t just there for home owners. Often, those in need are private tenants and as such, they are entitled to the same. I fact, the scheme is available to private tenants, homeowners and landlords.

People all over the country don’t claim the benefits that they are entitled to every year. So why not make sure you’re not one of them by taking a few moments to see if you are entitled to claim on the Affordable Warmth scheme?

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