June 2011 Round-up, Blog Stats, etc.

by JT McGee

So it’s the first Friday of the month and that means it’s time for another round up, a checkup on the blog stats, and all other stuff related to the blogosphere.

May in a Nutshell

Here’s a month in a minute:

IMF dude is a creeper
Greece pays higher interest on its debt than you pay on your credit card
Employment slowed considerably in May
The rapture didn’t happen. It was rescheduled
…and the pastor’s supporters are ticked they spent so much on billboards
LinkedIN got an $8.79 billion valuation from Wall Street, giving it a current P/E multiple of 2,160
June (oops): Groupon wants to try its luck at an IPO, even though Google, Facebook, and Amazon are now hot on its daily deal heels.

Around the blogosphere:

Money is the Root is fighting a losing battle trying to tell people that investing is better than paying off debt. Fight the good fight, man, but you’re outnumbered 😉

DividendMonk is building a beast of a guide on how to select great stocks. He’s on step 6 out of 9 so far, so get to reading!

Sam asks, “Why do women go out with deadbeat losers?” I’m pretty sure the answer is “Because.”

MoneyCone wrote about a TV stand that can grill sandwiches! Ballin!

GoBeRich reminds us that Congresspeople make a lot of money.

The Dividend Pig wrote a great post about one of my favorite oil plays: Chevron dividend analysis.

Life and My Finances drew a comparison between a pricey house and a reasonable house. From the looks of it, though, it appears the wife gets most of the savings. 😛

I didn’t want to highlight any specific post, but check out NoDebtMBA. An MBA without financing? What?

FinanciallyConsumed touched on one of my favorite topics, how men and women invest. (Spoiler: women beat men).

InvestitWisely wrote a post about why he supports Ron Paul in 2012. Do I agree? Yes, no, and maybe. Actually, I do, though I noted then that I’d probably vote for Mitch Daniels too. Actually, guess what? I’ll vote for anyone who wants to 1) worry about fiscal issues and 2) simplify the regulatory and tax environment. Wait, aren’t you Canadian?!?

MoneySpruce says he hates these 8 frugal things. DIY projects be damned, I say!

MoneyTalksCoaching says she gets a 20% annual return on shakes. Risk-free, too!

Retireby40 has a great post on why extreme couponing isn’t for him. Agreed. He also hosted the TotallyMoneyBlogCarnival—and having gone back to his blog I see a great post on Google Offers vs. Groupon. Posted June 2…close enough to May.

Now that we’ve mentioned Google once more, we might as well get the 411 on Eric Schmidt from MoneyedUp.com

NarrowBridge wants to help you with a Mint Alternative, how about Adaptu???

MoneyCrush proves that there are people who leave good tips and I totally dig that. I know exactly what she means when she mentions those servers who think they’re going to get tipped poorly so they perform poorly. Ticks me off, man.

Moneyinthe20s posted about LinkedIN’s IPO, and asked, “Am I missing something?” Nope! Neither are the countless others lining up to short it. 😀

Squirrelers covered what I was going to include as a news item: Could You Cover a $2,000 Expense? Most people can’t…they aren’t liquid enough! Wow.

I participated in the carnival of value investing.

Blog Stats

Since blog stats have become an institution on this blog, I’m going to keep it up. Plus, I posted a pretty outlandish (can I take it back?) goal of 200 visits per day by July 1. Well, that’s going to be hard as all get-out unless I post once a day from here to July 1 (not going to happen.)

I survived the rapture, so yes, I do believe in blogging miracles!

Anyway, stats:

  • 2,290 people came here to say “hey” in May
  • 1,150 teleported here from a search engine
  • 817 people were sent here from another site
  • 323 people came straight to the source

That’s only 5% growth over last month, which is lame. However, given that there was no social bookmarking traffic at all this month (320 last month) then we’ll consider it a success. Next month should be awesome!

But what really has me pumped is the sheer number of Australians who showed up in May. You Aussies sure love money, don’t you?


You don’t? Then why did you come?

Ooooh, I had the answer to your homework questions! Ha, no joke, Adelaide University was all over my article on century bonds, which, according to an anonymous email ;), contained the answers to an International Financial Institutions & Markets course. Crazy thing is that IFIM is a first-year course in Australia—I can’t even take it yet here in the States. Prerequisites: They apparently don’t exist in the land down under.

Posts this month from me:

US Defense Spending Needs a Trim (Not actually an article, just charts and tons of comments)

Financial Market Macro Overview
A post about my favorite P&C Co. that trades at a discount to book value
How the male to female ratio in China affects international trade
Why investing is better than paying off a mortgage (spoiler: bankruptcy law)
What I learned about commercial real estate from renting an office
Century Bonds – Would you buy 100 year bonds?
How Warren Buffett Lied to You about Railroad Stocks
How a $.26 Investment May Result in Bigger Tips for Servers
Macroprudential Policy – Why Econ is More Linguistics than Scientific
Where do I find killer credit cards?
Why the 2011 Dotcom Bubble is Worse than the First

How’s that for variety? Seriously readers, I need suggestions on topics, or some kind of “this not that.” Otherwise, you can plan on showing up to some random blog post twice a week.

”You Searched for WHAT!?!”

This is a new feature highlighting all the silly things people type into Google that bring them to this blog. Also, it’s my only way to reply:

  • can high school security chase me once i’m off campus – I thought college campus security couldn’t, but they can and did chase me off campus. (I escaped just fine, and posted about it!)
  • could we pay for medicare if we cut defense – No.
  • i agree the brain drain – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • i get bad tips – Sorry. 🙁
  • if you work at a p&c company as an actuary do you get discount auto insurance – Hmm, probably not. However, since you know what you would actually cost, I reckon you have some serious bargaining power.
  • monopoly game doesn’t suck – Agreed.
  • poor and middle class pay more for social security – Correct.
  • was k-mart named after sam walton’s daughter? – LOL
  • what are the waltons doing with their wealth – Exactly what I’d be doing–nothing!
  • will my walmart 401 k ever go up in value – Maybe?
  • my parents only saved $300,000 for retirement – Only!? That’s 10x the average middle class retirement savings.

See you all on Monday!

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No Debt MBA June 3, 2011 at 12:53

Thanks for the mention!


Brian June 3, 2011 at 13:31

Wow. This is great. I’ve got my weekend reading mapped out for me.


The Saved Quarter June 3, 2011 at 13:48

I love seeing what people used for searches! I get a kick out of the weird things people use to stumble onto my site – chartreuse bolero is still my favorite. 🙂 It was a funny example of things NOT to buy, which may have turned off the person searching for one!


Ravi Gupta June 3, 2011 at 16:37

Awesome stats! Taking a look at my own search terms it too boggles my mind to see how ridiculous some of them are. Ah well, more traffic for us right?

-Ravi Gupta


Ashley @ Money Talks June 3, 2011 at 16:41

thanks for the mention!!! How funny that you had the answer to a college test in Australia. The world is a crazy place.


Aspiring Millionaire June 5, 2011 at 04:45

I just found your site and love your writing style. Funnily enough I am an Aussie, not from Adelaide tho. 🙂 And I used Yakezie in google to find you.

Interestingly most Aussies prefer lifestyle and having fun rather than actually worrying or thinking about money.

Look forward to reading more of your posts.


Invest It Wisely June 5, 2011 at 06:04

Haha, yes, I’m Canadian. Love the search queries, haha.
Thanks for the mention!


Robert @ The College Investor June 5, 2011 at 21:25

I love those searches, and that is funny about the university in Australia.


Car Negotiation Coach June 6, 2011 at 17:44

Love the search results from the Aussies.

My big “surprise” search results come from a lot of Canadians and also my biggest search query is “zombie apocalpyse vehicle” crazy huh?


Financial Success for Young Adults June 7, 2011 at 12:54

Those google searches are funny! I get some interesting ones too. It’s funny how people ‘confide’ in Google.


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