Glossary and Appendix

This section will be slowly modified to add extra information that I found to be boring as hell, but important for the sake of understanding personal finance, or certain processes to maintaining proper personal finances.

Credit Cards:
What is a balance transfer? – Balance transfers can be your best friend or your worst enemy.   We cover them at length in the article above.

Interest Free Balance Transfers – There are more than a few ways to finance every purchase.  Interest-free balance transfers are one such way; they’re inexpensive, effective, and they help dilute large purchases into small, affordable monthly payments.

Student Loans:
Average Student Loan Debt – You wouldn’t believe how much debt the average student has when they leave school.  It’s over $20,000!


Itemized Deductions Delayed in 2010 – The IRS has decided to wait until February 14th before accepting tax returns from those who have filed Schedule A deductions.  What’s a schedule A deduction, you ask?  Find out in the article!

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