Round Up for February 25, 2011

by JT McGee

It was a great week in blogging, as every week has been. I was able to push out three posts this week, two planned and one that just happened spur of the moment. These posts were:

Rethinking Teach a Man to Fish – Being able to fish alone isn’t good enough if you’ve no plan to store your fish.

Amazon’s Strategy to Undermine Netflix‘s Streaming Business Model – Amazon tapped into the media streaming model with an impressive marketing strategy: quietly build free student Prime accounts then announce a new streaming solution, hitting Netflix below the belt.

The Federal Reserve’s Dual Mandate, Oil, and 2011 Capital Flows – The title says it all. This post was an exploration into how the Fed’s dual mandate to promote price stability and employment means that the Fed will inevitably be the last central bank to tighten. Employment isn’t expected to recover to a point at which the dual mandate would allow tightening until 4Q 2011, maybe 2012.

round up

From the week before are three posts:
Are You a Knowledge Worker? – Knowledge workers are wanted everywhere and by every company and industry. Are you a knowledge worker?

Breast Feeding Tax Credits – Breastfeeding was found to save billions of dollars in health care costs. But I have some issues with the quality of the study.

Living without Credit – It’s a very popular idea; Dave Ramsey says it’s the way to go, and many others say the same. I’m not so keen on it, which is why I say that living without credit is playing with fire.

Going Forward
As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ll be posting my solutions to both the student loan debt crisis (this time it won’t be purely semantics!) and a looming retirement crisis. Easy, cheap, and reasonable solutions to both, don’t miss them. πŸ˜‰

From around the Web in No Particular Order:

(Numbers are whacky because I can’t edit for anything today…a bit fuzzy in the noggin’!)

#.5 This really cool tool on how to buy a car is phenomenal! I was toying around with it since my girlfriend is shopping for a car right now, and man…it goes into every little detail about the buying process: how to discuss the car, when the best time is to shop for cars and get the lowest price, and how to apply for car loans so you don’t negatively affect your credit score, etc. Best of all, it’s personalized to the information you provide. Pretty neat!

#1 Fitting into the car theme is a post from Bogey at BackNineFinance on Mental Price Hurdles for Buying a Car. He brings up a good point: everyone has “that price” for a car. Maybe it’s $10,000 or maybe it’s $100,000, but everyone has one.

#2 Crystal isn’t at all afraid to show how she feels on hiding spending over at Budgetinginthefunstuff. I’m just glad that this isn’t a problem I have. The wife or the spending? You decide. πŸ˜›

#2a I stopped trying to keep on top of all the gillions and bazillions of contests out there, but if you don’t win something at BIFS’s contest, you’re doing something wrong. There’s like…what, 15-20 items to win? I’m not even going to bother to count–go enter the giveaway!

#3 InvestitWisely had a really great post on lessons learned from moving out at a young age. Very personal, great article!

#4 I’ve actually been meaning to include this for some time: Squirreler’s has a really cool post up on the seasonality of the financial markets that tracks which months are good and which months are bad for equities. Go check it out: Stock Returns by Month: Interesting Historical Trends

#5 The BrokeProfessionals were on Problogger with a post titled, I Do: Tips for Co-blogging with your spouse. Blogging with a spouse…hmmm, I can see this to be the source of countless nerd divorces. πŸ˜›

#6 SandyL says you can always cut more out from your budget. I say to her, tell that to DC! I kid, I kid.

News the world missed: So, Bernanke was giving a speech about how the emerging markets aren’t playing fair. I don’t think that is nearly as newsworthy as the fact that he gave the speech stoned! Look at those eyes!

Stats n’ Stuff

Bummer, non-social media traffic dropped this week as less people stopped caring about the IRS’s inability to understand their own tax code until February 14th. Oh well, I enjoyed the brief boost, and newer posts are starting to pick up the slack. πŸ™‚ Search traffic accounted for 45% of this week’s traffic. But the best news is…

My Alexa rank has plummeted to 486,938 for the real, three month rankings. For the one-month rankings, though, I am ranked 186,764 in the world! Awww yeah, I broke my previous projections of mid-March!

It’ll still be at least two more months before I fall below 200,000 for the three-month, official scores, but I know I just have to keep plugging away and I’ve beat my goal!

Anyway, that’s it for this week. According to the blogging schedule the next post is slated for Monday, February 28.

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Barb Friedberg February 25, 2011 at 18:38

Hi Fellow Yakezie- good stuff here. I love economics and look forward to reading more of your take on the economy. Good job with the metrics. This is a well written and fun site!


JT McGee February 26, 2011 at 12:55

Hi Barb,

Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words. I’ve got a ton of stuff in the pipeline and I hope you become a regular visitor. πŸ™‚


Invest It Wisely February 26, 2011 at 21:47

Thanks for mentioning my article!


Bogey February 27, 2011 at 12:18

JT, thanks for the mention. Shoot me an email, I have a couple ideas for us to team up a bit.


Car Negotiation Coach February 27, 2011 at 19:34

JT- Great roundup! Thanks for the include and the kind words about my new application. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with your girlfriend’s car purchase.


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