Round Up, Changes and Such – February 11, 2011

by JT McGee

We’ll start first with posts:
Why Living without Money Experiments are Stupid – They need a new name, at the very minimum.
Gaming Capital One $2.99 at a time – Use your Capital One credit card to your advantage.
Why Pet Insurance is Worth the Money – Can you put a price on peace of mind?
Solving Student Loan Debt with Semantics – So easy a child could do it.

New Changes:
I’ve changed the focus of this blog slightly. It will still have a personal finance bent, but I’ll also be including other financial topics. This is mostly to diversify the topics, and I feel that there is a ton of overlap between personal finance and…say, economic ideas—especially behavioral economics topics.

I had originally intended to make them two different sites, but seeing as articles from one site would reference articles from another site…meh, it was going to be a mess. So, MoneyMamba will be all-inclusive, but I’ve not yet figured out how. You can probably tell by the categories in the sidebar. 😛

Stats and Updates:
From Sunday to Friday, MoneyMamba received more than 850 (excluding direct, I assume those are me) visitors. That’s awesome. However, much of this traffic came from social media, bookmarking, and blogmarking sites. Excluding that traffic, half of my visitors were from search engines, another half were referral.

I’m excited to see search engine traffic being so heavy, so soon. That’s a big high-five all around!
As of right now, MoneyMamba enjoys a lofty Alexa ranking of 719,949 in the world and 59,887 in the United States. However, the site sits at 281,858 in the world monthly rankings. Not too bad! I’m keeping my forecast that I break 200,000 by mid-March in place.

Thanks for checking in this week. Next post on the blogging schedule is slated for Monday, February 14, 2011.

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Money Reasons February 11, 2011 at 16:44

Sounds like you have some good changes in mind!

I look forward to checking out the new stuff!!!


Buck Inspire February 12, 2011 at 11:17

I thought of breaking out different websites, too. Reading too much about blogging empires. I think I’m going to keep it simple, too. Great stats, keep up the good work. What do you think is bringing in your traffic?


JT McGee February 12, 2011 at 13:26

Yakezie definitely helps on the referral front. As for search engines, the long posts are helping (more long-tail variants) but I’ve also linked it from some authority pages. We’ll see how it works long-term…Google’s algorithm is shifting more toward time (newer pages first) instead of other variables.


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