Recent Must Reads

You’d never know it if you knew me personally, but I absolutely love risk. Not just the game Risk, but risk itself. I think it is by far the most amazing thing in the world, a concept that is as interesting as it is rewarding. Risk, to me, is something to be understood and conquered. […]


First, a tip of the hat to Darwin for finding this gem on VisualEconomics; I’m not sure how he finds these things, but his Twitter is loaded with great material—follow him! Now that I’ve paid my dues, let’s dive into the idea of historical home price trends, and how individuals can buy their live-in home […]


While choosing a seat is not necessarily an economic study, economics is all about making a rational decision. I hear this all the time in my super rudimentary economics 241 class, a class that everyone, regardless of their major, has to take. In it we discuss the primal topic of “thinking like an economist,” which […]


If you’re capable of reading this, you’ve probably seen at least 3425344532 infomercials in your lifetime. Infomercials drive me crazy, but there is one thing that drives me absolutely nutty: I can’t stand it when infomercials go black and white. You know what I’m talking about…right before the pitch on how perfect X As Seen […]