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Insurance is the most boring industry on the planet, but also one of the most necessary industries on the planet. It’s a game of mathematics, and my favorite kind of insurance, property and casualty, is one of the most competitive but also the most simple. Bring in X dollars, pay out X-Y dollars, and accumulate […]


Meet John.  John majored in aeronautical engineering at a top university where he was #1 in his class.  He’s nerdy as hell, and he loves rockets.  He always wanted to be an astronaut someday, or at least involved in the design of rockets and their components. But John won’t go to work for NASA.  In […]


There’s plenty of talk about central bank activity–commodities, namely food and energy, are surging, and the price of money hasn’t been this low since…well, forever. The Federal Reserve claims it has a dual mandate to keep the value of the dollar firm, and the level of unemployment low. Monetary policy isn’t that difficult to understand—when […]


Walmart makes a lot of money, tons of money. With revenues of roughly $419 billion in its latest fiscal year 2011, the company reported net income of right around $16.5 billion per year. Some say this economic footprint makes it a near-monopoly capable of owning the entire retail industry. I don’t think this is true […]