Round Up

“The man.” “The machine.” “The institutions.” People say it’s easy to get lost in corporate America. You show up, put in your hours, and then you leave. You never really know whether you’re actually doing what you need to be doing, or if your work is truly appreciated by your coworkers. I just read the […]


Perpetual motion is an interesting phenomenon. Absolutely impossible in every sense of the word impossible, there are plenty of people still willing to call it real. Now, the loonies that think they can create it do make some awesome YouTube videos. Here’s an example: That video and machine is so something I would have made […]


Checking in with my stock picks for 2012 it becomes quite clear how different reality can diverge from my own expectations. The company I wanted to leave out, mostly because it was the most uncertain with high operating leverage, Transocean, is my best winner this year. Less than two months into the game my prediction […]


NOOOOOOOO! That’s how I felt yesterday when Sandridge Energy Inc. (SD) decided to rally 23% yesterday to close up over $8 per share. This was going to be my hidden diamond in the rough stock for next year’s stock market competitions. The CEO is a boss – a true gangsta in the executive sense – […]

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