Car title loans are pretty horrendous things. You sign over your paid off car for a high-interest loan issued on a 25-50% LTV. So the loan on a $10,000 car would be no larger than $5,000. Most are a couple hundred bucks at best, since anyone with half a brain knows that a smaller loan […]


I think it’s always a good idea to have a basis for comparison in everything we do. I’ve been reading through Genworth’s International Mortgage Trends Report and I’ve found a few interesting stats about international perception of the mortgage market. Some stats were expected – the average first time home buyer is older today than […]

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So it was last week that I was having a casual conversation before a class with a classmate. She works in the retail-side of banking and I like to pick her brains about what she does, but more importantly, I like to hear about her customers. We go through a slew of topics, but talk […]


Scholarships, Pell grants, Stafford Loans, Parent loans, Hope and the American Opportunity Tax Credit—all of these are terms of the modern college payment system, and all of which are likely in the vocabulary of your average college student. The problem that I’ve found, however, is that all of the above (with maybe the exception of […]