Credit Cards

A month or so ago Ben Bernanke appeared in my mailbox. Now Sam Walton’s in my mailbox to sign me up for one of his credit cards. If there’s one thing I noticed about this credit card offer from Walmart, though, it’s that Walmart understands their core consumer better than anyone. Generally lower-income, less educated, […]


Alright, so there are few universal truths in personal finance. The difference in spending patterns between people who use cash and those who use a card, credit or debit, is probably true—people who use plastic are more likely to spend more on average. However, I’m not too sure if I can dig the statistics in […]


Where do people find these killer credit cards? The ones that can spit fire and wreak havoc on any bank account, no matter how big or how small? They must be everywhere, according to the blogosphere, but I just can’t seem to find them. A post at Get Rich Slowly inspired me to ask. The […]


So in a recent post about how I’d create a new US coin called the zinckel, I posted up a few pictures of money in or around my wallet. You might have noticed that I have way too many credit/debit cards (something I’ll address later), but no one wanted to chat it up about the […]