There are more than a handful of completely practical degrees that lead to careers with low unemployment, relatively high pay, and good job satisfaction. You can imagine that many are in health care, the sciences, engineering, technology, and business. Then there are countless others that are included in the list of untouchables – degrees you […]


I don’t think that there’s any other way to say this without sounding smug. Really, you earn what you’re worth. I would venture to guess those who earn “enough” agree with me, and those who don’t earn “enough” disagree with me. In the interest of full disclosure, I currently feel as though I don’t earn […]


App Mania

by JT McGee

Apps. That word has so much power. It’s incredible. VCs apparently fall over flat for it. Phone users adore it. Tablet users are just getting used to it. And a small minority makes billions from it. Apps vs. Car Mechanics The surge in “apps” for mobile devices isn’t all that different from traditional brick and […]


It’s finals week. Martin’s helping me out with a guest post (below.) Back on Monday with a surprise (not really.) Are you going to college to please your parents? Are you obtaining a higher education for the right reasons? Are you totally clueless as to why you’re even in school? Seth Godin wrote on this […]

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