Most people plan on having a lower cost of living in retirement, which doesn’t always pan out as well as expected. In most cases, the difference can be attributed to medical bills, which are obviously more costly for older retirees than healthy 20- and 30-somethings. This might not be true any more. Medical costs are […]


The biggest failure in personal finance, in my opinion, is failing to offset personal finance with finance. At some point your personal finances and the world of finance have to meet. Where they intersect is opportunity, and whether or not you choose to play this opportunity is up to you. This is one thing I […]


If I were to make $10,000 per month (I don’t), I would earn $120,000 a year, right? Wrong! I’d probably make half, a fifth, maybe even a tenth of that! This kind of thinking is the kind of thinking that leaves people broke…and quickly. Making an Income Statement The best thing you can do is […]


The world is all about perspective, but when it comes to money there are only two perspectives, it seems. We either appreciate money, or we appreciate the things we can buy with money. Overall it’s a fairly simple concept—how we spend our money has much to do with how we value its utility, and how […]