I have long wondered what gets people interested in personal finance. Over time I have concluded that there are two scenarios: You go broke then decide to reverse course You do it right the first time That’s pretty much it. If my assumptions and observations are correct, I’m guessing that the first entry into the […]


Have you noticed Ben Bernanke in your mailbox lately? I have. In the past month I’ve received no fewer than 20 zero-interest credit card offers for new cards. At the same time, I’ve also received new balance transfer options from my existing lines of credit. Three of them, to be exact. These are the available […]


I wrote a post on living without money, so I figured why not cover living without credit, as well? This lifestyle strategy popularized by Dave Ramsey is probably great for some. But for those with the slightest amount of financial willpower it’s personal finance dead-weight. Living without a Credit Score Living without credit and a […]


Scholarships, Pell grants, Stafford Loans, Parent loans, Hope and the American Opportunity Tax Credit—all of these are terms of the modern college payment system, and all of which are likely in the vocabulary of your average college student. The problem that I’ve found, however, is that all of the above (with maybe the exception of […]