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The curious case of financial notes come back to bite Herbalife. The company operates a MLM-style model not all that different from AmWay, Scentsy, or Thirty-One handbags, by recruiting sales people to sell products direct to customers. Sales people are also rewarded for recruiting more salespeople underneath them. Herbalife is and was engaged in very […]


Tuesday brings three finals, but then I’m done with school for six whole weeks. How insane, right? I feel like winter/holiday/Christmas break (deal with it, PC fiends) is much longer this year than in years past. Six weeks just seems ridiculously long, but I’m not going to complain. Anyway, this leads me to the anthem […]


There are more than a handful of completely practical degrees that lead to careers with low unemployment, relatively high pay, and good job satisfaction. You can imagine that many are in health care, the sciences, engineering, technology, and business. Then there are countless others that are included in the list of untouchables – degrees you […]


The last few years have been a whirlwind. College is a hell of an experience; it’s fun, occasionally interesting, and just…well, different. By the end of this next week I’ll have all my stuff together. I’ll have every single prerequisite and other nonsense done. I’ll be able to study finance! Too many years after starting […]