Off Topic

Nudge or Shove?

by JT McGee

I love Nudges, man. They’re totally awesome – little balls of structural advantage with a cute little name. My credit union uses a nudge on its members. Every time I call I get the automated operator. The friendly voice instructs me follow the touchpad operations. “For lending, press 1.” “For member service, press 2.” Aha! […]


At the end of the year I give myself a Christmas gift. It’s more like a year-end bonus, but whatever you name it, I buy myself something around this time every year. Long story short, this year I bought an apartment. I guess that’s a new take on the gift that keeps giving. Anyway, the […]


So it’s the day before Thanksgiving and we’re all thinking about grubbing hardcore later this week—err, I’m projecting—I’m thinking about stuffing my face tomorrow. I’m going to keep it light today, and maybe go off on a tangent about something I’ve been reading about lately—fluid intelligence. This latest obsession all started with the realization that […]


Another round-up on government ineptitude. This time I’m focusing on the payroll tax cut, which replaced the “Making Work Pay” tax credit with a 2% reduction in the employee-side FICA taxes from 6.2% to 4.2%. Republicans love tax cuts. They love em. They used to love this one, but then Obama supported it. So now […]