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As you probably know, Mitt Romney talked about defunding PBS during the most recent presidential debate. The idea of cutting off PBS has been a rallying cry for Republicans for more than a year. I recently stumbled upon a poll by CNN that asked Americans to give rough estimates of how much the US federal […]

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In 1888, Texas Pacific Railroad went bankrupt. The company needed to liquidate to satisfy bondholders who had financed much of its expansive railroad construction. Unfortunately for bondholders, most of those assets were in the form of barren land. So the bondholders had a sweet idea. They packaged up the land totaling more than 4 million […]


Love us or hate us, we’re generation Y. We’re more likely to be part of Occupy Wall Street than the Tea Party. We’re more likely to read blogs than newspapers and play video games instead of bridge. Many of the things we do are unique to our generation. With all the things that make Generation-Y […]


This isn’t Politics are in. I know you don’t care to hear my political views, which is why you can click right here to skip my rant and go straight to the good stuff. Basically minutes after we finally leave Iraq (except for 15,000 “contractors” and a $1 billion embassy) we’re already on the […]