There’s a new site out there that I’m in love with. The concept is great. Meet Collaperty, a website dedicated to funding real estate investments from multiple parties. Basically, it’s a mix of P2P lending and crowdfunding. Investors can find other real estate investors who are willing to put up the capital to partner on […]


If you’re lucky enough to own a second home – be it in the UK or overseas – I’m sure you don’t need reminding such a property provides a great place for you to enjoy low-cost holidays and escape the pressures of modern life. What I think is worth pointing out, however, is that this […]


Let me just say that I think the automotive industries is one of the most toxic places for investment capital. It’s cyclical, following the ebbs and flows of the macro trends, subject to the dangerous pork cycle, and known for low returns on capital, high fixed costs (even in labor, thanks to unions) and making […]


Last year’s performance certainly wasn’t a big winner like in 2011, but I’m happy to report that for two years in a row, all Money Mamba picks beat the market. In 2012 I selected: Adams Golf (ADGF), Transocean (RIG), Ford Motor Company (F), and Darling International (DAR). You can see the original post here. Here’s […]