This morning I read a very critical piece in the WSJ which lambasted the government’s role in subsidized housing. In particular, the opinion piece took a very controversial view, suggesting that the section 8 housing program was devaluing “nicer” neighborhoods that should, according to the author, be out of reach for subsidies. The author eventually […]


As I stepped back into my everyday lifestyle from a weekend away from home, I reached for the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. The headline read “A Wild Ride for Financial Markets.” Among the numbers highlighted this week was one which rang out the loudest: the S&P500 index shed $843.79 billion worth of […]


What do you get when you mix tax incentives with record low borrowing costs? Solar panels. Thanks to new tax credits that were part of the 2009 economic stimulus package, and long-term borrowing costs that might as well be zero, companies are scrambling to put solar panels on every roof. This new business model is […]


Too much excitement with Osama Bin Laden caught me off guard for today. At any rate, I wanted to publish this: And then ask you quite plainly: Do you think this amount of spending is sustainable? Do you think we can afford to cut defense spending in the US? Should we cut defense spending? The […]