Risk vs. Reward

by JT McGee

“No way! I knew I remembered you from somewhere!” A few months ago, somewhere between the fifth or sixth pitcher of beer I was sharing with a friend, we got to talking about the bad jobs we’ve had over our short lives with a friendly stranger. As it turns out, this stranger wasn’t a stranger […]


This is a chart of charge-offs on agricultural production loans, which have exceeded 1% in only two of the last 28 years since the “Farm Crisis” of the 1980s. (Click to see a larger image.) This is a chart of charge-offs on single-family mortgages, which never rose to more than 1% for 17 years from […]


View post on imgur.com Howdy, ya’ll! It’s been awhile. So long, in fact, that I learned the word “y’all” from these crazies in South Carolina. Here’s a life update FAQ. Location? I moved to South Carolina. I’ve since learned (“learnt”) the word “y’all.” Truth is, South Carolina is something awesome, given that it’s been 60+ […]


(I wasn’t paid for posting this, nor do I have any economic interest in you opening a credit card. I actually think this is a sweet deal worthy of your time. Nice guy blogger.) As I sit here, I wonder if I really need another credit card. I don’t. I have several, many of them […]