If this statistic from BusinessWeek’s reporting on Consumer Confidence is true, we’re so close to economic recovery: The share planning to buy a house within the next six months jumped to 6.9 percent, the most in data going back to 1964. The previous all-time high was 5.5 percent. Let that sink in. According to the […]


Just a few years ago Canadians laughed as Americans tolerated a financial crisis, high unemployment, low minimum wage, and a President who could hardly put a sentence together. They mocked America’s banking system for failing in the realm of conservativism, pointing to Canada’s strong “big five” banks as experts in safe mortgage lending. Canada’s housing […]


Housing crises tend to create debt crises. And debt crises are generally far more damaging than recessions caused by bloated asset values. I took a quick trip through FRED and Wikipedia only to be shocked at what I found. We’re Broke, But It Sure is Cheap Allow me to introduce you to this chart, the […]


Good news, guys. It looks like American businesses are putting more and more capital to work. Check Out This Chart The above chart of capital spending reflects total real investment in capital goods excluding aircraft. (Even the government knows airlines are worthless!) Capital goods are goods purchased to produce…well, more goods and services. It’s business […]