Much can be said of the moral argument in making money on someone else’s failure. The public does not like the idea that someone can make money from someone else’s loss, hence the ban on short selling following the financial crisis. I can see where people might have a problem with the idea. If I […]


Let’s talk about net operating losses. I haven’t been able to find much information on NOLs in the past, so hopefully we can shine some light on the value of NOLs to investors. Expanding the internet one page at a time… Net operating losses are one of my favorite things to see in an annual […]


Previously I wrote an article about Locavesting, an investing term used to describe investing in small businesses. As a small business owner, I have a vested interest in the capital markets for small businesses. As an investor, I have a (potentially) larger stake in the rules, regulations, and tax laws that government small business development. […]


Lowering corporate income taxes in the United States is never very popular, yet US corporate tax rates are some of the highest in the world at 35%. I blame this partially on the media, which publishes stories on issues like General Electric’s low 2010 tax bill. There exist two reasons why companies do not pay […]