I think Uber is the most incredible business ever made: Facts about cars: The average car has a utilization rate of 4%, or roughly 1 hour out of a 24 hour day There are 260MM cars registered in the United States. Assuming an average value of just $5,000 per car — truly a WAG — […]


Not too long ago I told you I invested in a gym run by a friend. As of this week, I’ve effectively sold out. A group of well-financed individuals wanted in, and I couldn’t help but see the opportunity to realize a gain and move on. The terms were frankly too good to pass up. […]


Ensuring your organisation is well-established overseas, as well as back in the UK, is something many business owners are keen to do, because it represents a great opportunity to generate more income. However, branching out into foreign countries can be challenging and one way to mitigate the risks associated with foreign trade is to first […]


I’ve never been good at golf. My relationship with golf transcends a few hours and a few weeks working at a golf course after which I was promptly…err, “let go.” But I know more about the golf business than most people. Promise. It’s not overconfidence. It’s just the fact that I had a huge portion […]