Full Disclosure

A full story full disclosure can be found here.

I am not a professional money manager, nor am I a financial planner. I don’t pretend to be, nor would I want you to think that I am. While I do feel confident in my understanding of personal finance, you should always seek professional advice for any of your financial-related needs.

In achieving the goal of full disclosure it is important to note the following two items:

  1. I am a college student
  2. I am 21-years old

Why are those items important?

First, some falsely attribute financial ignorance to age, so I wanted you to know what was up, just in case you happened to be one of those people. Secondly, I wanted to be clear that you realize I am currently a full-time student in my twenties.*

*Read: Suing me wouldn’t be worth your time.

Supplemental posts are found in the Glossary and Appendix section.

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Eva April 18, 2013 at 18:19

This is one of the best disclosure pages I’ve seen – particularly the part about not suing. Nice!


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