Blogging Schedule

You know, I tried–I really did!–to keep up a blogging schedule and stick to it. First it was Monday, Thursday, then a round up on Friday. But I got bored with that.

Then it was Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and I got tired of that.

So, then I tried Monday, Wednesday at 12:01 AM (basically Tuesday) and a round-up whenever I managed to remember.

All you need to know is that I will have at least one unique article on Monday, and another one anywhere from Tuesday-Thursday, and a monthly round-up. Sometimes I just can’t hold back the excitement of an article and I post it super early, but hey, I’m human!

At any rate, my schedule is mostly irrelevant if you subscribe to my RSS feed to receive my new posts through an RSS reader (I can’t stand RSS readers, but maybe you can) or by email. I don’t have the capacity to spam your email, and you only receive emails when a new post goes up. Pretty cool!

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